Debbie Gottlieb, LCSW

Mental and Emotional Wellness Speaker and Trainer.


Training professionals to help themselves and others reach their full possibility.

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Debbie Gottlieb, LCSW

Mental and Emotional Wellness Speaker and Trainer.

 Training professionals to help themselves and others, reach their full possibility.

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Hire a speaker/trainer who can help your participants gain new insights and ideas that they can implement immediately in their own lives and the lives of others.


They will learn a new approach to mental and emotional wellness that helps with reducing anxiety, depressed mood and overall suffering due to life's challenges.


Participant Takeaways:

 1. Identify what takes individuals off balance and how to help them realign

2. Recognize the four ways  clutter in the mind forms and how to clear it 

3. Gain access to new tools usable in everyday life to be clear and  present in  interactions

4.  Train the mind to move back to its source for inner strength and wisdom

Signature Talk:   

MindBrand Method 


Invite your attendees to learn the method that helps gain mental and emotional clarity and creates connection, reaches solutions, and builds confidence in a practical and effective way. Participants learn to create win-win situations for themselves, clients and peers. 

 This talk/training is for individuals, helping professionals, and corporate leaders who want to create a world where people are living up to their full potential, and mainstream wellness is the new normal.



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Inspire, enhance and transform with Debbie's signature talk.


Dive deeper into the concepts of inner wellness.


Weekend of holistic wellness techniques that creates lasting transformation.

About Debbie

Debbie Gottlieb is a licensed psychotherapist and the Founder of the transformational MindBrand Method™. With her many years of diverse international training in psychotherapy and spirituality, certifications in yoga, meditation and breathwork, and over 14 years of experience in her private psychotherapy practice, she provides her audience with insights, practical tools and a holistic understanding on how to live life. In addition, her interactive, engaging speaking/training style along with her practical tools and deep insights help professionals increase their toolbox when helping/interacting with others.




"Debbie is an incredible speaker with a calm, amicable and engaging presence. Additionally she is extremely professional in both knowledge, communication style and presentation skills. My key takeaway was honing my ability to be present. I left with practical tools which have enabled me to thrive in my professional environment. Any team would benefit from hearing her subject matter expertise communicated in an easy-to-follow format."



"Debbie's talk about inner wellness is very effective and has helped me find myself and discover my answers. It also helped me respond to situations differently. Before I would get angry and hurt and argue with my loved one and my employees, now it doesn't impact me in the same way and I respond in a centered and relaxed way. I found my inner strength again."


I am known as the life whisperer. I teach people how to hear the whisper of life in and around them to gain clarity, find solutions and flow with life.


It would be my honor to speak at your event.

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"Debbie’s teaching has taught me a lot about how to feel and experience my emotions rather than trying to control them, and that has made it much easier for me to navigate my emotions and needs. Her method applies to all of the different settings and experiences in my life, and it helps me to center myself and stay connected to myself in each of those settings. When I apply Debbie’s techniques in my life, I feel more confident in my decisions and more sure of myself."




"Before Debbie spoke I was very intrigued at the thought of inner well being. However as she spoke I saw myself going from being merely intrigued to diving deep into discovery. Her calm, amicable and engaging presence made me immediately feel as if I was in a safe environment where I could be nurtured to grow. After her talk I, I left with practical tools, heightened awareness and a desire to dive even deeper into how I can live a more fulfilling and satisfying life. I believe with the insight she gave that I will be a better person in my work, relational and spiritual life."


Additional talks Debbie can give:



  •  Self Care to Prevent Burnout

  • Heart-based Leadership

  • Wellness as it relates to leadership

  • Professional wellness and its connection to communication/interactions




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