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MindBrand Method™ 


Helping you achieve the life you desire. 


         If you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward or follow through on the things that you know will enhance you life, we can help. 


 Imagine.... waking up everyday excited to get your day started, feeling happy and fulfilled knowing you are living on purpose.

Fall deeply and madly in love with your life! 


The MindBrand Method™ - Master your Mind 8 Week Program.


 You will get a step by step plan to learn to connect to your inner wisdom and strength to help you confidently know what to do next. 

You will get the tools needed to move forward and follow through on what will take your life to the next level.

You will free up your mind from fear and doubt to live your passion and purpose.


This method has been  developed over 12 years.  It is simple and proven, designed specifically for women





This program will shift you in a way that will be amazing. You will gain insight, learn to manage your emotions, know what to do when you are overthinking. Tap into your inner wisdom and go for life you dream of. 


Module I 

You will gain awareness and learn to shift direction from anxiety, depression, doubt and fear toward peace of mind, clarity, confidence and success. This will ensure that you keep going toward what you really want in life until you achieve it.


Module II

You will learn to access your inner strength to make the changes needed in your life. This program is about integration not just information. 


Module III

You will identify what you want and learn how to go for it in a very organic way. Every step of this process is geared toward your next best step and creates lasting change.


Module IV

Learn to connect to your inner being at anytime and anywhere  so you can access your inner wisdom and identify what is needed in any situation. Navigate and doubt or fear so that you can free yourself up to live your passion and purpose.


Master Your Mind Program Enrollment

  • New group starts during the third week of each month
  • Each group has maximum of 10 participants
  • Includes 6 live group coaching calls with expert coach
March-17 Class - Full
April-20 Group - Open
May-17 Group - Open
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Master Your Mind Program Enrollment

  • New group starts during the third week of each month
  • Exclusive small group, 10 participants in total
  • Includes 6 live group coaching calls with expert coach
March-17 Class - Full
April-20 Group - Open
May-17 Group - Open
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Hear directly from our clients about their experience with the MindBrand Method™. 

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      MindBrand Origins

The Mindbrand Method™ was developed over a twelve year span by Licensed Psychotherapist, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Breathwork practitioner, Level One Certified Zen Yoga Instructor, Debbie Gottlieb. She has helped hundreds of women with this method and is excited to share it with you. Her vision is to help women reconnect to their innate strength and wisdom and create their best life. She believes that every woman can!  By doing so you not only pave the path to your success, you inspire and lead other women, as well as the next generation to do the same.

Want to know more about Debbie, check out her psychotherapy practice @ www.gottliebtherapyflorida.com



"MindBrand method is very effective and has helped me  find myself and discover my answers. It also helped me respond to situations differently. Before I would get angry and hurt and argue with my loved one, now it doesn't impact me in the same way and I respond in a centered and relaxed way. I found my inner strength again."



 "Debbie has a great combination of astute intuition, expertise and compassion. She has empowered me to work through many obstacles in my life and to find personal and professional success. I am very grateful for her guidance and believe she has the depth and wisdom to change people’s lives for the better."


 "I have become more aware as well as have a bag of tricks I can use to combat anxiety and stress that I did not have before implementing Debbie's method. I would recommend and have recommended Debbie to numerous friends and coworkers throughout the years and will continue to do so.”



Your Success Is Our Reward.

~ MindBrand Mantra

We are dedicated to your results and will help you get there. Our program is geared toward your success.  Our mission is to teach you how to go for your dreams and not let life's situations, fear or doubt get in the way. You will get clear about what you want, what's in the way, how to move forward and live the life you desire.  We are here to listen, support and guide you every step of the way and have created the environment for you to succeed.


We welcome you to the MindBrand family.


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8 Week Program

Investment - $597 (Regular $997)

Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee!

 Your program includes:

  • 6 Live Group Coaching Calls with Experienced Coach
  • Lifetime Access to Videos/Audios
  • Workbook
  • Exclusive Community Support
  • Small group, 10 participants in total

 Your success is our reward.


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